The hills have eyes...

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The Hills Have Eyes – The latest issue of Twin highlights Rodarte’s spring 2011 collection with a relaxed outdoor feature starring Sara Blomqvist. Styled by fashion editor Celestine Cooney and lensed by Ben Toms, Sara gets in touch with nature as she poses alongside an owl companion in the California redwood inspired designs. 

Another piece of Sara...

The owls give this spread such a unique influence...



Hi Blog, 

here U can see an other piece of my White - Obsession. This time starring Siri Tollerod in a unique way of combinating white and yellow and some earth colours...

Originally published in Vogue Italia February 2010 as Nuances

What a great braid...


Vlada - surely beautiful morning face

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She looks like a fairy walking out from a book. I've really started to like Vlada recently...Beautiful work.
Both from the photogher and the model... 

Originally published in Vogue China (April 2008)



Sophie Srej

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thank U so  much for Ur kind words in my previous post...In this magical spread Sophie Srej leads a trio of ethereal beauties in a deliciously romantic story from photographer Wendy Bevan. Published in Marie Claire Italia, the three wear light and airy ensembles styled by Elisabetta Massari fit for any dancer. 

So dreamy like romantic paintings...

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One Lovely Blog Award

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I have been happily nominated for One Lovely Blog Award by a lovely girl called Mari Ab, ( visit her!). Thank you so much,I really appreciate it...

For the one lovely blog award:
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Now it is my turn to share 7 things about myself:

1. I together with my family do have 4 horses, two lovely dogs and a cat... My favourite is definitely my cat, her name is Pimpi.
2. I live in a small town that is not to big but a truly lovely place.
3. I am studying Law from this September in the capital of our country, I just cannot wait...
4. I would like to be a lawyer dealing with International Cases.
5. In my free time I like playing my giutar, collecting photos, deal with some fashion and being with my friends.
6. Tomorrow I am going to a Music Festival with my friends, I am looking forward to it so much.
7. As sports I like Thai boxing and gymnastics.

 I nominate my "One Lovely Blog  Award", those bloggers are all wonderful and stylish. Visit them!

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A girl inspirating a girl

Hi Blog,

If U asked me who is the model inspirating me most these days I think I would definitely say it is Sasha... She is my most wanted girl, she has chick, she says what is in her mind, has talent and I would cannot imagine a perfect spread without her.

Sasha Pivovarova by Peter Lindbergh

The Birds...

Which style of her do U prefer?


Black Ballet

 Hi Blog,

in this spread U can see Stephanie Seymour by Glen Luchford... She has perfect firm and her face is so beautiful. Lovely pics. Note-nudity.

Some inspiration for U from Miss Dior... I love this set by Vivien, U can be so creative on Polyvore...