Lasting summer inspirations

Hi Blog,

this is getting so closely to the end of this hot and sweating summer and I am thinking about all the beautiful pictures that have been inspirating me so far this summer... Check them out and share your own ideas of the looks...

 Here is another painting by my Mother... Like her Facebook Fan Page please, if U love horses...!/pages/T%C3%B3th-Szilvia/234834469886673
So cool to be free like these horses - wanna feel the cool breeze of sea!




Hi Blog,

Sophie Vlaming shows a crack in her elegant facade with Boris Ovini’s most recent work for Aussie magazine, Poster. Styled by Ornella Jong, Sophie delivers full force intensity with Elsa Durrens’ smudged makeup and Karin Bigler’s mussed hair.

A Nude painting made by my Mum... Like her on Facebook, I would really appreciate it!

Many kisses and have a nice day everybody... Enjoy the last days of this summer!



Introducing an artist...

Hello My Dear Readers,

I think it was high time for me to introduce an artist in our family... She is my Mother, who is totally in love with horses and her paintings and drawings are so special and breath-taking... Here is a little glimpse for you of her work and PLEASE LIKE HER FACEBOOK Fan Page and Leave a Comment! I would appreciate it indeed...

This is the Link :!/pages/T%C3%B3th-Szilvia/234834469886673

 This is my Mum, Sylvia, while working on one of the paintings... Our house is full of her masterpieces :) 

She is so alike me...

Do not forget to like the Page please! Leave a comment and I will like Ur page too :P!/pages/T%C3%B3th-Szilvia/234834469886673

 This is me playing with two of our horses... They are American Quarter Horses. 

I was wearing my Blumarine sunglasses, Converse All Star Chucks and my favourite Levi's Jeans in grey.

Many kisses, and thank U so much for reading...


If U wanna be my girl...

Hi Blog,

sorry for not uploading for such a long time. I have been quite busy - making all the important preparations for my moving to the capital city on educational reasons in September.

I think this editorial is quite a good one to show U after this pause have been made. 

Do U know the song If U wanna be my girl? I think it reveals to this ed so much...

Sasha is great as always!

Which gown do U like the most?