Dress like a hippy angel!

it is such a wonderful, sunny and hot day.... I was just thinking about going down to the garden and have a rest in the grass.... I think that this summer it is really a trend to dress in loose, white angel-like clothes that you can also wear for festivals like Coachella... Has anybody be there among you? :-P
Bambi Northwood Blyth is one of my favourite models... Some people say she is too short, but I do not think it matters if someone has such a good talent as she does! Her eyebrows are just fantastic.... Bambi appears in Zara's new summer-lookbook! Check it out! I fell in love with it at first sight!

Well, I like the braid as well!

The next look is by H&M Night but I think that I would wear it for a sunny weekday as well....What do you think? That vest is a die-for! :-D

At last but not least this is Erin Wasson for Esprit 2011 Spring. I have a nice bag from Esprit that would be perfect with this angel-like dress! I promise I will show you that one!

Have a nice day guys... Summer is on its way and I hope you all can enjoy it with me!
Go out to the nature and spread your wings like an angel!



  1. Cute dresses and skirts!

    Stop by some time at!

  2. I do love her!